The below information should assist in addressing the Most frequently asked questions in relation to Drone based surveys

How safe are drones?
Modern drones have an impeccable safety record with no fatalities reported worldwide and very few serious injuries. Rigid training and licensing criterion in the UK ensures the highest standards are maintained.
Professional drones have on board computers and sensors that carry out automated pre flight safety checks and will prevent a drone from taking off if any issues are detected.
Can you fly in any weather?
We can fly in light rain although the quality of imagery can be adversely affected, we therefore avoid this if at all possible.
We can operate with wind speeds of up to 20 knots
What height can you fly to?

Drone operations in the uk are restricted to a maximum altitude of 400ft above ground level.

How far can you fly?

Drone flights in the Uk are currently restricted to 500m distance from the pilot/operator. This is essentially a radius around the pilot therefore a 1km distance can be covered. If the pilot is located centrally in the site.

Are you licensed for drone operations?

All of our pilots are fully trained and authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority.

What geographical area do you cover?

We have a network of pilots throughout the UK which allows us to react quickly to a clients needs as well as keeping travel costs to a minimum and reducing our carbon footprint.

Are you insured to carry out drone based surveys?

Yes, we carry 5m Public Liability Insurance.

What are the costs involved?

Each survey will be individually costed based on a number of factors including the requirements for pre flight survey, type of imagery to be captured, processing requirements, annotation requirements etc. Typically a drone based survey represents significant savings over more traditional survey methods.

Can you fly near airports?

Drone flights/surveys can be carried out in most areas, in more sensitive locations such as controlled airspace or Central London, specific permissions must be sought through the CAA, this process can take up to 28 days.