Manage your health & safety with the help of our  ‘Aerial Inspection Services’

High Visions Aerial Inspection Services are specifically targeted with health & safety management in mind. with over 36 years experience within the construction industry, the principle of High Vision is well versed in the safety considerations of live construction projects. His knowledge is now utilised to capture ‘relevant’ data to assist clients in driving safety improvements on site through high tech aerial video and photography.

Our in depth knowledge and expertise of the construction process, allows us to collect aerial data that is both accurate and relevant. The data from our aerial inspection services is then passed on for the beneficial use of our clients in the management of their health & safety procedures .


Aerial Inspection Services from High Vision
Aerial Inspection Services for health and safety
Aerial Inspection Services showing crane operation
Aerial Inspection Services showing steel frame errection

Should I have safety concerns?

Since 2001, an average of 50 people in Great Britain have died each year as a result of a fall from height and a further 8,702 are seriously injured (official HSE figures).

Aerial Inspection Services enhance safety by providing the means to follow government guidelines in avoiding working at height where other means are available (such as for visual inspection). Our imagery and data allows managers to inspect the site for issues and reduce accidents while demonstrating compliance.

Despite media coverage, the safety record for civilian drones is surprisingly good. There have been millions of hobbyist and business civilian drone flights conducted globally over recent years, with no reported fatalities in that time. There has also been very few reported serious injuries. Such a good safety record would be applauded in any other industry.

The reliability of the current generation of lightweight drones that we use for our Aerial Inspection Services is much improved over previous generations. On-board system safety checks prevent take-off if any issues are detected. A safety ethos is instilled within CAA-approved pilots who undergo rigorous training and assessment before qualification. All our drones on a construction site are operated in a disciplined professional manner.

The safety case alone is a compelling reason for adopting this technology at your earliest opportunity, even without considering the cost savings and process benefits. Aerial drone technology should be regarded like any other equipment used within the construction industry and if professionally operated , embraced to provide positive productive benefits.

Services Include

  • Feasibility Surveys
  • Condition Surveys
  • Dilapidation Surveys
  • Progress Reporting
  • Health and Safety Inspections
  • Roof Surveys
  • Building Surveys
  • 2D Mapping
  • 3D Modelling